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18-hole course:14 HOLES OPEN
Drivingrange incl Pitching & Puttinggreen:OPEN
Restaurant:OPEN daily from 10:00 a.m. on, Monday closed!
E-Carts:on request
Secretariat08:30 – 17:30 h

HOLE in ONE in tournaments

The chances for a hobby golfer to get a hole in one is 1 to 33.000.

Another way of looking at it: you need to play 1.833 rounds of golf to get a hole in one – which is probably more than we will ever play.

2000Christian Wagner1. July 2000Hole 18
2001Heidi Wimmer29. October 2001Hole 5
2003Volker Heerdegen12. October 2003Hole 18
2004Regina Trentinaglia24. June 2004Hole 3
2007Stefan Linke07. July 2007Hole 11
2007Willi Sinnhuber04. October 2007Hole 3
2007Rudi Lackner07. June 2007Hole 3
2008Julia van Tankeren10. May 2008Hole 18
2008Johannes Horngacher15. July 2008Hole 18
2008Christine Maier14. September 2008Hole 18
2010Felix Huber08. June 2010Hole 5
2010Anton Zoller08. June 2010Hole 3
2010Birgit Neumayer29. June 2010Hole 16
2013Anton Schwab02. November 2013Hole 16
2016Manfred Pellosch15. October 2016Hole 18
2017Matthias Gassner27. August 2017Hole 11
2018Sascha Voithofer06. May 2018Hole 3
2018Marianne Pletzer17. June 2018Hole 16